Crestwood School News - Service 2 (HVAC) Limited

Crestwood School, West Midlands

Service 2 successfully completed a huge HVAC project at Crestwood school. Works included installation of a bespoke new HVAC system that was painstakingly designed in-house by our incredibly talented design team.

The completed work included decommissioning and replacing the school’s aging boilers with new Hamworthy models, installation of a new low temperature hot water heating system, distribution pipework and emitters, installation of new low surface temperature radiators to all student areas complete with accessible TRV’s, installation of new A/C system, installation of VRF heating and cooling plant, installation of a new building management controls system and much more!

This project had a scope and complexity that only a company like Service 2 can undertake. Utilising our 65+ years industry experience and exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable team to deliver a truly bespoke solution that exceeded our client’s expectations.

Our team of engineers have worked incredibly hard to take our custom designed HVAC solution off the drawing board and make it a reality for Crestwood School.

All work was completed on schedule and to the very highest standards.