Who We Are
Service2 – We are here when you need us.

Service2 began with just two engineers, each with a van, basic equipment, a home office and an unmatched drive and desire to improve the industry. They worked tirelessly around the clock to raise the capital needed to gain additional qualifications, purchase new equipment and, as a result, broaden their scope. Their efforts were rewarded and they quickly established a contract with a national facilities management company. This enabled them to employ additional engineers and secure premises from which to work. The revenue generated from this contract was retained within the company to fund further growth and training, a cycle which has remained prevalent to this day. This unbelievable desire to succeed and constantly improve would go on to become ingrained in the company DNA.

Fast forward to the present day where we have established ourselves as one of the leading names in the industry. Growing from our two founding partners into a large, incredibly driven team of highly qualified HVAC Engineers who are dedicated to providing an efficient, friendly and reliable service. With over 65 years combined experience in Heating, Ventilation, Air Con, Catering, Electrical and Refrigeration in the commercial, domestic and industrial sectors, you can be sure that we have the knowledge and the skillset to overcome even the most challenging situations.

We are proud to offer a national 24/7/365 service for our customers and with our industry leading 96% first time fix rate, it’s easy to see why huge, household names like Marriot, DFS, Morrisons and Aldi put their trust in Service2.

From the very beginning we recognised that our industry is constantly evolving and we remain committed to providing regular training to all our staff in order to ensure that their knowledge remains up to date. We firmly believe that our engineers are among the most knowledgeable in the business. We are also a very forward-thinking company that drives improvement through adopting the latest technologies. This innovative approach enables us to improve both efficiency and customer satisfaction. Thanks to our deployment of cutting edge field engineer software, we have been able to significantly improve all aspects of our service.

All this works towards our company mission to provide a cost effective, high-quality and reliable service for businesses and organisations across the United Kingdom where the finest workmanship is combined with a firm focus on customer satisfaction.

If you’d like to know more or have a chat with one of our friendly team, please get in touch using the details below, we’d love to hear from you.

Meet The Founders

James started his career with a HVAC company in Somerset as an apprentice, where he learned all aspects of the industry.
He moved back to Leeds and worked with a well-established maintenance company before self-funding his gas qualifications well over a decade ago. Domestic and commercial boiler / plant room installations quickly became his specialism as it suited his methodical nature. Long hours and huge physical exertion only further motivated James to hone his skill. The challenges he faced, working in these high-pressure circumstances, saw him recognise a need for organisation and a skilled team. This is something he instils in the business today.

Chris began his career in the industry as a school leaver. With a truly mechanical mind this was a good career choice for Chris and his path organically led to fault finding. His ability to understand a machine and its components, combined with his patience and personable nature, has given our engineers some of the finest insight into fault finding and repairs, that they could hope to receive.